Repairing a Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar

Honestly, I am no superstar when it comes to music, but when I first laid eyes on the DG-20 I knew I had to play it. It just called to me. So, naturally, I ordered just about the cheapest one I could find online and waited for it to arrive!

The MIDI guitar in the flesh.

Except, when it did arrive it didn’t power on, and the seller was unresponsive at best. Having tried everything I reasonably could to power it up to no avail, I took matters into my own hands, and cracked my beloved new digital guitar in half (gently and carefully, of course).

One guitar, quite literally split in half.

Once inside, I had a suspect area in mind to investigate: the transistor labelled T3, due to this particular article. I, luckily enough, found that my T3 had also blown out. This made it pretty easy to guess what I needed to do next, so I promptly ordered some 2N3904’s along with some other parts I’d had in queue for purchase and waited.

Here’s a look at the very damaged part, now pulled out (on the left), and its replacement (on the right).

When my part did arrive, I popped it in with a quick bit of soldering work to replace the toasty, blown apart T3 and found that my guitar was back to life! A happy ending for all, after piecing the whole guitar back together of course.

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Hey, I’m Aubrey! I write about gaming, comics, programming, and LGBTQ+ issues.

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